About Fad

FAD has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures since 2005. We work nationally with the aim of contributing to the quality of every project with our products
FAD is based in Tehran where we have been able to channel our industrial and service suppliers’ abilities and construct a top-class team of people.
FAD approach is our ability to interpret light intelligently and passionately. We place great importance on innovation and research, as well as the unique ability of light to excite and inspire.
The success of FAD relies on a continuous search for perfection and innovation, in product design as well as in manufacturing techniques, quality control and customer support.
FAD is and has always been at the forefront of new developments and has consequently gained an established position as a leading innovator of exclusive products in the lighting sector, resulting in a number of prestigious awards, including: ILDCُ Award, Top Design Award and many more.
The FAD community keeps growing. Today over a 100 professionals use our products on their designed spaces

Our passion for design

From its beginning FAD has been driven by design and technology. Glancing at the product range, one can tell that innovation is the central impulse of development.
Based on a passion for lighting and design, Extensive trend and market research, and in-depth knowledge of product development, FAD design team over the years succeeded in creating a range of timeless, elegant and often industry changing lighting fixtures.
At FAD it is the combination of the commitment, skills, investments as well as the creative nature that come together to develop fixtures that find the right balance between function and design.
FAD in-house R&D Team designs nearly all products and through the simulation software and tools bring products and spaces together, make design easier and create a system that treats light and lighting as a tangible quantity in space, that can be molded to project-based needs and desires.
Our team is present all over the country with their skills and know-how. Our group is composed of many different individuals who all share the same working method, the same culture and the same language: light

Innovation in production

Over the years the FAD collection has grown to more than 140 product references, ranging from made-to-measure profiles to a wide range of recessed and surface mounted spots, eye-catching lighting objects to design savvy wall fixtures and extensive outdoor lighting solutions. The entire development and production process of this range is managed by FAD in-house.
Every FAD product expresses the values the company holds dear. On one hand perfect light control and excellent performance, and on the other extreme attention to aesthetic detail.
The continued advancement in LED technology provides new opportunities for energy-efficient lighting. FAD plays a leading role in implementing this new technology, designing and manufacturing its own LED lamps, developing innovative LED products and tailor-made solutions. The true measure of cost goes beyond just the initial cost of purchase, but also includes intelligent lighting control, lifetime, maintainability and operational costs.
Combining extensive product knowledge with a vast range of energy efficient product solutions and industry specific experience, FAD is able to guide you through a green, cost-effective and sustainable selection process -without compromising the quality of light.

Persist to quality

We are evolving our own bespoke model where we try to foster and bring talent together, within an organization where creativity and innovation are an attitude that questions the established, constantly searching for new and better concepts.
Throughout the entire production process FAD distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. This ongoing mission for industry leading quality levels, short delivery terms and maximum flexibility is made possible through a careful and demanding screening of our suppliers -including: TRIDONIC, OSRAM, BWF, TCI, CREE and ELT-.
Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. As such, each product that leaves FAD, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in minimal returns and maximum efficiency.

Inspirational Support

We guarantee a close personal relationship with our expert team-consisting of architects, designers, electrical engineers and contractors – offering back-up over the entire work process. We endeavor to provide an honest, friendly and efficient service.
Within the FAD Company we like to listen, to understand and to help, share doubts and imagine spaces and lived environments, providing the best unique solutions.
We provide customers with technical support and information about products during the pre-sales phase, and by working closely with all internal departments to be the voice of the customer inside the company, during the after sales phase.
Our Lighting Consulting and executive team is structured to provide extensive support in Tehran and other city.
We are available for all people working with light, to help them to give shape to the most various ideas and requirements. Our ambition is To assist and support them in all phases of developing their lighting projects including : to estimate the investment and energy savings ,to assist in developing lighting techniques and concepts and to provide support during various phases of tenders , preliminary and final design and Installation.